Use of the methodology


The result of our work is three views that describe the strategy. The result from the service we provide will be an explicit description of the Strategy based on only three slides or views, showing critical Activities for execution linked to critical organizational Capabilities needed to reach the goals. This puts the organization into a time-dimension clearly highlighting Activities to be prioritized on.


These three views serve as the fundamental presentation format for any management or executive briefing about what the organization wants to achieve. The same views serve the objective for external communication with the organizational “Focus” and business “End-State”, all in relation to the critical Actions that are prioritized for major contributors to the “End-State”.


The very first item of measurability is the measure of the Effects, which occurs once the organizations have started to use the visual plan operationally. One of the very first effects is what is expected from the organization both from an individual basis as well as team level. When this occurs, the organization will experience an operational efficiency.