Business Areas

Visual Strategy uses the same method but with outcomes of different results, effects and timing. The effect our customers’ desire varies with our approach. In cases where we work with a full change management strategy, our method is slightly different from when we map the current state for a particular strategy in that specific organization, e.g. a strategy due diligence for a company valuation and market trading.In situations where we have limited time and access to key people to fully facilitate and develop a complete plan, we use “Best-in-Class” strategy plans to kick-start from. Examples of such sample plans include IT Strategy, HR Strategy relaying how these organizational functions shall perform in order to reach Strategic Objectives and organizational End-States.   

Business Strategy

The developed Business Strategy gets assigned to the critical Capabilities inherited within the organization i.e. Capabilities that will execute the chosen Business Strategy.

The commonly known Strategy Process is divided into three stages; Formulation – Implementation and Execution.

Visual Strategy mainly focuses on the Implementation stage where the focus is on variable reduction to manageable amount variables to be translated into operational Actions. The outcome is represented with our method onto three (3) slides or views. Once this is completed, the plan is in operations throughout the whole execution of the Strategy. 

Strategy Process: The implemantation phase is where we provide full support and technical solutions

Strategic Evaluation

Evaluating a company and its current operational Strategy using linear reports is often too lengthy and difficult to comprehend. On the other hand, the use of visualization on a few pages is much more effective. A common due diligence approach is based on the company market penetration and performance, that is, the company performance measured against market leaders.

Our contribution is a visual strategic plan showing the actual company capabilities and its critical success factors and initiatives.

Oftentimes, companies don’t have a defined End-State or Focus. They merely depend on financials numbers when we start an engagement. This is what we often have to begin with, not financial numbers as those are not a strategy!

Plan and report for evaluation.

Best in Class

In cases where we have limited access to key people and limited session time, we can start from a model Strategy Plan.

The model plan is built on existing company success stories from various markets and organizations as well as statements from known experts. Such plans exist for example IT and HR – functions.
They also exist for other corporate functions from various market segments.

A key advantage with this is that a significant portion of the plan is in place, ready to start from and focus can be projected to the specifics for your company internal needs.

Focus and End State for IT Best In Class plan