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Peter Kimber

Peter Kimber
Managing Director, Management Consulting

Peter has a long and proven record of leading change management in large organizations trough new methods and ways of working. Peter was part of the computational transformation to Analytical Vehicle Prototyping at Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan. This inspired Peter to continue on the road to develop the Next Generation Digital Strategy.

Peter has worked for more than 14 years with various business transformations and change management in large U.S. companies such as major Airline Operations, AT&T, McDonnell Douglas Corp. Ford Motor Company to practice and apply strategy work.

Peter has led a number of start-up companies in Sweden with putting strategy at work as acting Director and Chairman of the board. This has given Peter a proof of concept in how to manage common challenges an organization is encountering on the road to success.

Peter has seven years of experimental experience from strategic Joint Operational Planning J5 and J9 at both US Joint Forces Command and Swedish Armed Forces.

Peter Kimber has a Bachelor in Computational Science and Product Development. He studied at Harvard Business Extension School in Boston, Massachusetts and has published several papers in Social science and organizational development.

Phone: +46 70-994 75 74
Mail: peter.kimber@visualstrategy.net

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Lars Fritz
Management Consulting, Chairman of the Board

A senior business leader and operations executive, Lars bring a record of success and expertise in organizational transformation and expansion, optimizing efficiency within business units, and managing complex acquisition integrations to fully leverage synergies.

He excels at leading change to consistently drive EBITDA growth, serving as a valuable resource to corporate executives at the highest levels of global business, and effectively combining McKinsey problem solving skills with far-reaching leadership experience. Following a distinguished career, most recently with Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE).

As a dual USA and Swedish (EU) citizen, Lars leverages a dynamic multinational and multicultural background, and has repeatedly exceeded business goals in developed and emerging markets around the world. He has a “hands on” leadership style and understand the importance in developing top performing teams-a key component in his ability to find a way to win, regardless of internal and marketplace challenges.

Lars holds an MBA degree from IMD Business School, Lausanne Switzerland and MSc degree in Civil engineering from KTH, Stockholm Sweden.

Phone: +33 627 762 831
Mail: lars.fritz@visualstrategy.net

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Peter Kimber

Bertil Andersson

Bertil has an extensive background in business development as operating CDO and CIO in large Swedish corporations such as Atlas Copco, Esselte (CEO for Esselte DataCenter and Esselte Online), Folksam (Head of Folksam Data, CIO) and NCC (CIO).

Bertil’s leadership skills are highly regarded as an essential driving force in business development, he is the leader who creates a positive environment in groups and organizations. His inspiration and influence delivers result where desired effects are achieved and the performance level is above the expected.

Bertil is an experienced board member in both corporations and in sporting organizations.

Phone: +46 708-299 786
Mail: bertil.andersson@visualstrategy.net​

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Martin Vendel
Management Consulting

With an extensive industrial background in fields such as process industry, telecom and media, Martin has a great understanding of and experience of complex issues in dynamic industries. Martin is passionate about teaching strategy internationally in digital and technology-driven transformations. He is motivated by helping organizations see and benefit from challenges and opportunities in industries and markets in transition.
He has had leading corporate positions in mainly strategy, business development and product management. Martin is assigned part time to the Department of Industrial Economics and Organization at KTH and previously at the Stockholm School of Economics. Martin has a Doctorate from KTH, Stockholm Sweden.

Phone: +46 70-681 64 75
Mail: martin.vendel@visualstrategy.net

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Robert Åslund
Management Consulting Strategy and Portfolio Management

Robert has an extensive experience of the whole spectrum from development to sales of high tech systems, in fast-growing Medical technology and biotechnology companies both in Sweden and in the US, with the emphasis on product management, marketing and business development.
He has a proven record of delivering products, solving problems and getting things to work, by combining strategic analysis with practical actions and tangible results for complex solutions in an international environment.

Robert holds a degree in M.Sc. Engineering Physics.

Phone: +46 73 358 24 34
E-post: robert.aslund@visualstrategy.net

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Anders Christensson
Defence Scientist

Defense Scientist S. Anders Christensson studies methods and tools to incorporate strategic frameworks analysis, the art of induction from e.g. Big Data to deductive strategic realization. The act of induction that enables visualization of complex systems behavior and in particular for military missions.

Big Data is an asset that can create a significant competitive advantage and drive innovation, increase competitiveness, and create social impact. It is important to Visual Strategy to understand the mechanisms and processes through which big data can add business value to companies and have a clear picture of the different elements and their interdependencies. Anders has a long research experience in this field that is valuable to the future development of Visual Strategy’s products and services.

Phone: +46 70-628 96  78
Mail: anders.christensson@visualstrategy.net

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Henrik Svensk
Product development

Henrik has an extensive background working with software and web development in various roles such as project management, software testing and support.

He has a passionate technical interest in computers, internet and social media. Henrik is a problem solver that takes initiative and works in an analytical and thorough way.

Henrik has studied electronics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Phone: +46 70-751 73 81
Mail: henrik.svensk@visualstrategy.net

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Certified Partner

Odd Lindqvist

Edge Projects AB


Odd Lindqvist has 30+ years of experience in IT and business development from small businesses to large international corporations. The lessons Odd learned from the hundreds of projects he has worked on is that in almost all cases there is the lack of a commitment and effective goal-steering by corporations.

Odd currently focuses on helping businesses create visual strategic plans which can be communicated. With this base, we will see how the change process fulfills the desired results.

Phone: +46 70-594 31 00
Mail: odd.lindqvist@edgeprojects.se

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